Stonehaven Academy

Of Applied & Theoretical Magick
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It's a virtual reality - not a website...


This learning environment is an online virtual campus. It is a private sanctuary that allows you to explore and interact via a personal virtual version of yourself called an "avatar." 


Although you do use your computer to visit and explore this realm, it isn't a website URL. People who are familiar with "Second Life" virtual worlds will understand exactly how this works since they use the same technology.


Access to Stonehaven Academy and most of its features are 100% FREE. 


A word about "magick"...


The word "magick" means different things to different people. To avoid confusion about what it means as it is used in all Stonehaven references, a few quickie bullet points may be helpful:


  • We consider magick to be a NATURAL energy or power we all have access to.
  • We believe that it is a neutral force like gravity or electricity and is only "good" or "evil" when it is used to do good or evil things. It is how we use it that matters.
  • There is no single "right way" to work magick. If we understand what makes it work, there is an infinity of methods that can get results.
  • Magick is nothing more than a word; a label. There are MANY other labels to indicate the power we are learning to use here: Law of Attraction, Creative visualization, Cosmic Consciousness, Prayer, Science of Mind, etc.
  • Truly powerful magick does NOT require religious belief, praying to gods or demons, special "tools," expensive materials, secret incantations, sacrifices or the help of other individuals. All you need you already have.
  • If you choose to use magickal tools, formulae or work with spirits or other human partners, that is entirely up to you. Here we teach, we don't judge. 


How does learning happen here?...


You literally learn by exploring the campus. Pick and choose whatever interests you. Some of the things you point & click will lead to a class about that topic or it may take you to an outside website we've found to be a great source of information.


The primary Stonehaven building is shown here on our home page but the campus is a very large private property that includes many buildings, streets, walking paths, forested areas, and other special features. The pictures of the campus throughout this site are snapshots taken from the viewpoint of my avatar, Headmaster Q.


The social dimension...


We want people to form clubs, fraternities, and just come to hang out together! There is very ample space and many interesting places to meet. There's The Dragons Den Tavern, The Town Square, a Pirate ship- even our version of Starbucks! As more people discover our little world we expect they will use it as a virtual getaway.


This is a JUDGEMENT FREE zone! All are welcome provided every individual is shown respect and tolerance of other cultures, beliefs, and viewpoints is maintained at all times.

About us


Even among modern schools of magick, Stonehaven is unique. How so? Our students don't go to an old-style classroom. They don't wade through boring

read-question-answer drills.


At our school, students enter into an interactive learning environment. We know that people learn best when they enjoy the process so our goal is to make learning fun.


Want more details? Then read on! 

A 3-D Virtual campus


Strolling through our vast Stonehaven online 3-D campus is an education in itself. Knowledge is scattered everywhere. The buildings are typically themed to the many areas of magickal and personal empowerment teachings. Go in and explore!

The key is "point & click." You never know what you might learn!

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