Stonehaven Academy

Of Applied & Theoretical Magick

About us


Stonehaven Academy is a wonderful concept that lives on despite going through the current period of metamorphosis and reinvention. The original campus was a lovely 3-D cyber environment that you could explore via your personal, customized "avatar" -very similar to a "Second Life" world experience. Sadly, many individuals were unfamiliar with the "Second Life" platform and were unwilling to follow the few steps it took to access this on their computers. The virtual campus was discontinued.


The concept of a school of magick is certainly not new but Stonehaven is unique in some interesting ways. It is not your typical magick school and not your typical teachings. We are currently reimagining our campus to include technology people are familiar with such as YouTube, podcasts, Twitter/Facebook, Instagram, etc.


Check back for updates on our progress!

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